The patient paper airplane: Part 1 of 2

The patient paper airplane: Part 2 of 2

Every day I’ll print something colorful, make a paper airplane, and throw it off a Chicago elevated train platform.

I wanted something quick to print out, so I went to my photo archives and pulled this colorful HDR shot Chicago L: Randolph Stop. I love the color in this shot and I knew I was walking ot the Randolph stop, so it would be fun to throw a Randolph paper airplane off the Randolph platform. When the airplane sits on the ground, it needs to be colorful enough to intrigue someone to pick it up. Plus the urbanity to the textures would make for a super-cool paper airplane.

Last time I made a paper airplane (the tulips), I folded the plane at work and stuck it in my bag. That made for a slightly crumbled plane when I got to the train station. This time I slipped the unfolded sheets into my bag. And these papers are printed on BOTH sides. Fancy. I know.

With the recent gift of the CTA Train Tracker, lately I’ve found myself in a rush to get to the train and not taking the time to photograph and enjoy downtown. Knowing that I needed to spend time folding an airplane, photographing it, throwing it off the platform, I decided to not watch when the next train is coming. In fact, when I arrived at the station a brown line was just leaving. That’s ok, gives me plenty of time.


Will these airplanes fly? To read the rest of the story, go to my photo on flickr at “The patient paper airplane: Part 2 of 2!”

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13 years ago

Love the colorful paper! Are you recruiting your printed out photos for Spudart Airlines?

13 years ago

oops. I guess I didn’t read your entire post in which you clearly indicate that yes, you are using your photos 🙂 … was distracted by the pretty photo airplanes. sounds like fun!

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