The Pigeon Dance

Dancing pigeons doing the cha-cha on a book cover

Doesn’t it look like the pigeons on this book cover are doing a line dance? There should be a line dance called The Pigeon. Here’s how the lyrics to the Pigeon Dance song would go:

Every. Body. Do. The. Pigeon.

Strut your head while you move forward.

Flap your wings when someone gets too close.

Fly around in circles in the air. The air.

Eat that leftover food on the ground.

Now poop. Right on the ground.


Go head. Poop.

Don’t matter where you are at.

Poop. On the sidewalk.

Poop. Your chair.

Poop. On the statue.

Poop. In your hair.

Every. Body. Do. The. Pigeon.

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