The plethora of plethora

Have you noticed the word “plethora” making its rounds lately? Plethora of products, plethora of information, plethora of media—it’s everywhere.

This word, steadily climbing in usage since 1950, seems to be here to stay (according to Google n-grams).

So, where did “plethora” originate?

Its roots can be traced back to a medical term, denoting an excess of body fluids or overfullness of blood. Quite the bodily association, isn’t it?

When we delve into the various contexts, a plethora of phrases emerge.

plethora of new
plethora of other
plethora of information
plethora of different
plethora of studies
plethora of books
plethora of research
plethora of problems
plethora of small

From “plethora of new” to “plethora of problems,” these combinations are like catchphrases grouping together a multitude of things. Interestingly, “plethora of new” has been on the decline since 2003.

In our modern world, “plethora” finds its way into multiple realms:

  1. Consumer Culture: In societies drowned in consumerism, “plethora” mirrors the overwhelming abundance of products, making choices overwhelming and decisions daunting.
  2. Information Age: The internet offers a plethora of information, reshaping how we learn and communicate. However, it also brings challenges like information overload.
  3. Media and Entertainment: Movies, TV shows, and music provide a plethora of options. Streaming platforms add to this diversity, changing how we consume content.
  4. Culinary World: Culinary experiences involve exploring a plethora of flavors and cuisines from around the world, expanding our palates and horizons.
  5. Social Media: Social platforms present a plethora of content, opinions, and trends, creating a varied online experience.
  6. Literature and Arts: From classical to contemporary, literature and arts encompass a plethora of styles and genres, offering unique perspectives and experiences.
  7. Education: The digital age provides a plethora of online courses, granting access to a wide array of knowledge and skills, fostering continuous learning.

In essence, the concept of plethora defines our modern culture. It offers endless opportunities for exploration, but it also poses challenges, especially in decision-making. The plethora of choices surrounds us, inviting us to navigate this abundance with a discerning eye and a curious mind.

According to a urbandictionary user’s definition of plethora, if you want to sound pretentious, use this word.

This word is primarily used with great imprecision by inarticulate, pretentious college undergraduates who wish to express no more than “a lot,” but want to do it with as many syllables and as annoyingly as possible.

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