The Puppet Bike gets wrapped by the Carina Nebula

The Puppet Bike gets wrapped by the Carina Nebula #starwraps

Just cutting up galaxiesParked and waiting was the infamous Puppet Bike. Strips of the Carina Nebula in my hand, I was looking for poles and other items to wrap the Nebula around. What great felicity to run into one of Chicago’s most famous mobile works of street art.

Puppet bike parked by Michigan Ave BridgeThe Puppet Bike has given me great enjoyment on many occasions, but I never walked and touched it, for this is a beloved part of Chicago. The opportunity was to great to pass up as the bunny puppet performers inside the bike would surely love to go on an intergalactic ride. My Star Wraps are completely non-destructive, so I felt ok to give the Puppet Bike the star treatment.

The chrome handlebars were the obvious choice, but which wrap should I use? Each NASA image gets cut into eight slices, resulting in a variety of images to select from. Given the Puppet Bike’s intense colors, a wrap with vivid crazy color would be very fitting. Having learned from yesterday’s tree wrap, I positioned the wrapping so a hero star would be most prominent in the composition.

The Puppet Bike brings so much out of this world joy to people, I’m glad to have contributed just a little bit to the entertaining piece of street art.

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Tom Saaristo
8 years ago


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