The simple secret to picking the best fruits and vegetables

How can you consistently get the best produce at the supermarket? It’s simple, pick from the top. Whether it’s apples, grapes, pears, green beans, peppers, kiwis, or jujubes; the secret is the same: Don’t grab for the ones at the bottom of the pile; instead reach for the very top.

The top has the best.

The produce farthest from your reach is the best for many reasons:

  1. When people look for fruit, they pick something up, and then place down at the bottom, thus the bad fruit is at the bottom of the pile.
  2. The fruit at the bottom of the pile has been touched upon many times.
  3. The fruit at the bottom has been dropped on the floor.
  4. The fruit at the top sits atop the pile like a throne in the sky. The master of the fruit kingdom. It watches the other fruit down below get picked over and dropped and squeezed. The fruit at the top laughs–then you come along and snag the king.

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