The smartest transit device: connected car or…

Video of scooters talking to each other

Connected cars talking to each other through tail lights? Engadget reports:

Smarter headlights could guide you out of a rainstorm, but intelligent tail lights could enable communication between vehicles. At least, that’s the idea behind a collaborative Connected Vehicle Safety project between Intel and National Taiwan University. Its purpose is so that you’ll be able to know just what the vehicles around you are up to — whether they’re speeding or braking or making a left — by receiving data from their tail lights. Your vehicle could then stop or accelerate automatically without you needing to intervene, or you could choose to react manually if desired.

Automatic braking. Cars talking to each other. Getting all cars in sync. Sounds like a good idea.

But the best smart transit device? The train. Hundreds of people are all in complete sync, because they are sitting on one train.

You don’t have to pay for maintenance of the train. You don’t have to bring the train into the shop. You don’t even have to put gas into the train. You just get on the train and ride. No worries about collisions. No worries about other crazy drivers. Just ride.

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