The Spudart logo looks like the Chicago bean

Spudart logo looks like the Chicago Bean

My Spudart logo bears a somewhat resemblance to the Chicago Bean, aka Cloudgate. I find pleasure in this because when I designed the Spudart logo in 1998, I wanted my logo to function like a potato where it has many inherent possibilities–to be able to look like different things. A potato. A plane. A face. And now it looks like the Chicago Bean.

I came across this realization after making a post on the Spudart Facebook Page. The Chicago Bean and my logo are sitting next to each other, and it was like, whoa! (And for those keeping score. My logo was done in 1998. The Chicago Bean’s construction started in 2004. Just say’n).


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12 years ago

beans and spuds. Now you just need some gravy.

12 years ago

get a big sledge hammer and you could dent up the bean so it’s the same shape as the spudart logo.

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