The Stanley Cup of photography

Amazing photo of the Blackhawks celebration

(Front page of the Chicago Tribune on June 29, 2013; courtesy Assignment Chicago)

What are you more proud of: Your local team winning a sports championship or your city’s photographers?

Our city’s photographers work is more outstanding than the achievement of winning the Stanley Cup. While winning the Stanely Cup is a nice achievement, it’s still just a sport.

Watching sports are nice for an alternate language to speak with one another. But ultimately sports-news are just a language. It’s a language we learn over time and share its subtle nuances.

I’m able to speak Cubsese very well. I’m alright with Bullspeak and Bearslish. If someone starts speaking a college sports language, it’s complete gibberish to me. I have no idea what’s happening in hockey, so that’s a foreign language to me as well. I can’t tell if there’s some incredible play. Therefore, I’m not going to be super proud when our hockey team simply wins.

Good quality is to be valued, not simple wins. Championships may be indicative of a quality, but to be a true fan you need to understand the game itself, not just the outcome. If you don’t understand the game, you don’t speak that language.

A language most people speak naturally is photographese. Appreciating a quality photograph is something we can all understand.

Chicago is full of so many amazing photographers that capture the life and culture of this city. That is something to celebrate.

The incredible photo that ran on the front page of the Chicago Tribune is by staff photographer Brian Cassella. He had the foresight to set up his camera on a pole days before the celebration to capture this image. Discover the story behind the challenges he faced in creating this wonderful photo on his blog post, sweet home chicago.

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