The truth behind Chicago’s Trump Tower

Donald Trump is full of crap with this toilet paper tube tower
As the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago slowly rises from the ground, everyone can immediately see a huge construction flaw. The main materials used for the construction of the tower are giant toilet paper cardboard tubes.

Donald Trump was rumored to say,

“In our economic environment we have to be both financially and environmentally aware. The usage of cardboard tubes from toilet paper not only saves us money, it also saves our environment. I’m quite proud to admit that all the tubes come directly from my personal bathroom. Yes, that’s a lot of cardboard tubes, but I’m able to continuously supply them all, because I’m full of crap.”

Please note this is a parody. Donald Trump didn’t actually say this. Do not sue me, Donald Trump.

UPDATE March 15, 2016: I’m rather amused that I wrote this way back in 2006. Such foresight to see Donald Trump as full of crap.

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17 years ago

i feel sorry for the gerbils of the world. Will they have no toilet paper rolls to chew on?

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