The truth behind the Wrigley Field ads on the Jumbotron

How the advertising will really appear in Wrigley Field's outfield and Jumbotron

(See the mockups at

The Chicago Cubs and the Rickets released a photo mockup of how Wrigley Field will look like with the Jumbotron and additional ads. However, they didn’t put real ads in their mockup. They put cute “Wrigley Field” logos in there. That’s now how it’s gonna look! In reality there’s gonna be ads plastered all over the outfield.

My twin brother did a mockup where he took real sponsors of the Cubs and put their logos in the places where the ads will go. This gives you a real look for how Wrigley Field will be with ads. Take a look: How the advertising will really appear in Wrigley Field’s outfield and Jumbotron.

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11 years ago

Thanks for sharing, Matt. The public needs to be properly informed. Ricketts is using the threat of moving as a smokescreen to cover up the reality of dump truck advertising he’s dumping into the stadium.

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