The word Styrofoam has origins in trees

What does the word styrofoam mean?

What does styrofoam mean?

Styro. You’d think that’s made up, right? Styrofoam is a trademark name by Dow Chemical Co. in 1950. It’s based from the word polystyrene. (see polystyrene)

What does polystyrene mean? says:

1927, so called because it is a polymer of styrene (see styrene).

What does styrene mean?

In 1885, they thought it would be cool to name this hydrocarbon as Styrene, because the resin from Styrax trees have a little bit of this chemical. (see styrax)

Where does styrax come from?

It’s greek for “shaft of a lance.”

Next time you see someone killing our environment by using a styrofoam cup, you can let them know that the word styrofoam is based on the resin from styrax trees, but the styrofoam doesn’t actually come from that resin. Instead it comes from the lovely petroleum industry.

By drinking from these cups, you actually are fullfulling the origin of the word styrax–and that’s jabbing a shaft of a lance into your heart and into our planet.

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14 years ago

you need to get on a campaign against portilio’s. They use styrofoam for all their drinks. It’s incredibly disgusting.

Melly Scheneieder
Melly Scheneieder
14 years ago

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Going Green
14 years ago

I just found the derived word from this site. It has a lot of derived word which I didn’t know at first. But after reading it, I can simply understand it.

Women's Clothing
14 years ago

Not all the Styrofoam is disgusting. As far as I know, there are several types of Styrofoam, and it’s categorized as a level and how it is produced. Just try to googling to find the further information.

University Alumni
14 years ago

Dow Chemical Company patented extruded polystyrene foam as Styrofoam, and it’s made for thermal insulation and other applications. A very useful and well sold product.

Belinda Scheider
Belinda Scheider
14 years ago

I know styrene from the world of plastic model kit. It’s a kind of thin plastic that can be made for custom detailing 🙂 Hindu Baby Names

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