Think twice before playing “qat” in Scrabble

Stuck with a letter “Q” in Scrabble? You always look around for a “u” to attach it to. Right? Or maybe you are really slick and you look for the letter “i” to spell Qi.

Let me introduce you to another word that comes in handy for the letter Q. That word is qat. The letters “a” and “t” are in abundance in Scrabble. I guarantee that you’ll play qat so many times in Scrabble, that you’ll be quatting it up the qat.

So just what is a qat? The official Scrabble dictionary (I do have one in print on my shelf, it has yellowed newsprint pages) says a qat is a kat. Nice. What’s a kat? A kat is an evergreen shrub. That sounds nice, doesn’t it? I picture things like the Christmas tree from Charlie Brown’s Christmas. Or maybe a nice little evergreen bush on someone’s lawn. I was happy playing qat with images of happy evergreen shrubs dancing in my head.

And then I looked up “qat” on google images.


Holy freaking crap. I don’t want to play “qat” ever again. Ok, that’s a little dramatic. But still. Dudes stick qat in their chaw and chew it like cud? Gross!!!!!

And if those images don’t have impact on you, then try this one on for size. I was going to post the photo here, but I really can’t withstand such grossosity existing on my website in full size.

Qat? Eeek. I’ll play it, because it’s so handy, but wow, I sure don’t really want to. And if your grandma taught you that word in Scrabble, I’m concerned about your grandma.

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