Thirsty trees drink Coca-Cola

Thirsty tree

  • Trees needs caffeine.
  • Putting syrup back into the trees.
  • Tree reading nutrition label on Coke can.
  • Sweet nectar of the gods. (from @kevinthau on Jelly)
  • Crooked coke ?? (from Johanne Kirkeby on Jelly)
  • You must be barking mad (from Ian Clark on Jelly)
  • Sometimes you just need a Coke (from Kevin Cattani on Jelly)
  • I wouldn’t caption this photo there’s nothing interesting enough to warrant a caption (from Adam Abajian on Jelly. Wow, Adam needs some caffeine. Lighten up, dude.)
  • What plants crave (from Jamie Thorman on Facebook)
  • Cork a COALa (from Rohit Pathak on Quora)
  • _________ (your caption here)
  • _________ (your caption here)

How would you caption this photo? What do you think a tree is doing with a Coca-Cola can?

This particular tree sits at the bus stop in Chicago for three semi-popular express bus routes, 136/146/148. The can looked kinda funny sitting there–especially since in the past couple days I’ve been drinking lots of Coke. Even the trees are drinking Coke.

Originally I shot this from the top down–the perspective of how I saw the can. But the photo looked pretty stupid. I crouched down snapping multiple photos of this empty can while another commuter watched. I felt a little self-conscious having that other commuter watch me. But who cares. I think it’s a funny story to imagine what a tree would be doing with a Coke can.

How would you caption this photo? Please leave your caption in the comments or on your favorite social media channel. This question has also been asked on Quora, Jelly, Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter.

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