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Tiny snowflakes remind me to carry a macro lens

Tiny snowflakes embedded in ice

Seeing tiny snowflakes embedded in ice makes me wish I still carried my iPhone macro lens with me. This photo is a bit blurry, but you kinda get the point. The macro lens would have really zoomed in a couple of the snowflakes.

These snowflakes are sitting on a fence right by the Glen Ellyn train station. Normally, my fellow commuters stand with their backs to the fence while they wait for the train. I like to turn the opposite direction and look at the fence–and at the shopping district in Glen Ellyn.

Funny thing is that as I had a need for this macro lens this morning, yesterday I thought of a new public art project that involves my iPhone macro lens.

Perhaps I’ll start photographing more of the things I see while waiting for the train in Glen Ellyn. Both with my macro lens, and with the regular iPhone’s camera.

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