Trader Joe’s to be renamed RoboJoe’s

Free samples at Trader Joe’s are the best. The only thing I don’t like about the free samples is the friendly banter you have to make with the free sample artist behind the counter.

On a Monday afternoon I picked up a free sample and free sample artist unintentionally acted like a robot. I picked up the paper cup containing Potato Cave Aged Blue Cheese Bake and said, “thank you.” Expecting her to reply back gushing about the Potato Cave Aged Blue Cheese Bake, she instead looked straight forward and replied, “//YES// //THANK YOU// //HAVE// //A// //GOOD// //DAY//”

I selected some unusual items to put into my basket so I would have a topic to talk with the cashier. Milk chocolate covered potato chips sounds like a good cashier conversation. Except my Trader Joe’s cashier didn’t comment on my items.

They used to say, “Oh i’ve had this. This is really good.”

Or “I haven’t had this. Is this really good?”

Or “I haven’t had this in a while. It’s really good!”

What the eff is happening to Trader Joe’s?! It’s like they are all in the back drinking robot juice.

RoboJoe’s. That’s what i’m calling it from now on. “Hey. Wanna go to RoboJoe’s?” They should play up the robot angle. Get more males in their 20s-30s. All the RoboJoe’s employees can all walk around like robots. //CAN //I //HELP YOU //SELECT //SOME //FOOD?

Every hour on the 01 minute, they can halt what they are doing and perform the robot dance for 11 seconds. All the customers will laugh. People will either purposely go to RoboJoe’s at x:01 on the hour, or they will avoid it. Those that go during the 11-second robot dance will join the dance, and it will be like a RoboJoe Musical.

Then it will become a Broadway play. RoboJoe’s.

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Michael Rhew
10 years ago

What is it they say about imitation and flattery, Joe? Though they seem to have a different reason for suggesting the name of your company, to be used in that instance.

Joseph J Green
10 years ago

There is already a RoboJoe’s. An appliance repair company. 😉

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