Transformers 4 filming returning to Chicago

Transformers 3 "Dark of the Moon" movie filming Chicago on Wacker Drive, Optimus Prime kicks butt scene

A movie-filming helicopter floated above my head while walking home tonight. Memories of Transformers filming in Chicago rushed through my head. Having downtown Chicago taken over by Transformers made the summer of 2010 much fun.

Hearing gunshots outside my window. Giant fireballs exploding across the street. The famous scene where Optimus Prime swoops in and destroys everything in his path on Wacker Drive. I captured it in live-action in film:

It was exactly three years ago when all this excitement happened in Chicago. Now Transformers 4 is reported to be filming in Chicago again on August 18 to September 27! The casting call is in Skokie, IL. The Transformers are coming back to Chicago!

The film helicopter floating overhead last night covered the same scene as the end of the movie. Perhaps Transformers 4 will pick up where the previous film ended. Although this film will happen four years later and without Shia LeBouf. This time around Mark Wahlberg is being the lead actor.

Will he be resurrecting all the Transformers who died in the third movie? Megatron, Starscream, Wheeljack, Sentinel Prime, Soundwave.

SPOILER ALERT: Gravestone for Megatron in Chicago, Transformers 3, TF3 movie

SPOILER ALERT: Gravestone for Starscream in Chicago, Transformers 3, TF3 movie

SPOILER ALERT: Gravestone for Sentinel Prime in Chicago, Transformers 3, TF3 movie

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