Transformers “Dark of the Moon” movie filming Chicago on Wacker Drive, Optimus Prime kicks butt scene

Transformers "Dark of the Moon" movie filming Chicago on Wacker Drive, Optimus Prime kicks butt scene

A giant fireball explodes on Wacker Drive for the Transformers 3 movie, “Dark of the Moon.” Now that the trailer is out, we know that this is the location where Optimus Prime kicks some serious butt with his sword.

This is a real photo of what actually happened during the July 21, 2010 filming in Chicago.

It’s so great having my work window facing this view. All day long while they were filming this scene there were soldiers shooting. And the shooting was loud. I was on a call with DC about a website design, gunshots were blaring outside my window, and DC asked, “what’s going on over there.” I replied, “oh nothing, just gunshots. Y’know. Chicago.”

But seriously, I should have just hung up the phone, because everytime they fired, I would stand up on my desk to watch. It happened all day. Yeah, a lot of productivity happened that day. Not. But it seriously did improve employe morale. It’s just so freakin cool to have a prime-time seat watching the Transformers being filmed all day. I kept my camera on the tripod on my window sill for whenever something cool would happen. Like, cars flipping and stuff.

I stayed late at work to shoot them continue to film. And that’s when the FIREBALLS started to happen. That’s right GIANT FIREBALLS on Wacker Drive.

And now with the Transformers trailer out for “Dark of Moon,” we see that this is VERY SCENE WHERE OPTIMUS PRIME KICKS BUTT. Sam Witwicky calls out to Optimus Prime for help. Lo and behold, here comes Optimus flying into the scene, transformers and kicks butt while explosions go off around him. Prime takes his sword out and totally spears one Decepticon and then spears another Decepticon. We don’t know how many Decepticons he spears, because it’s a trailer. I can’t wait to see the entire scene.

Not only did I grab this photo, but I also got video of it. It’s really quite incredible. Watch it at

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