Transforming my computer monitor into a LEGO monitor

I’m excited to revisit an old project of mine — creating a LEGO-themed monitor. Back in 2001, I modified some 10-inch × 10-inch LEGO boards by trimming them to fit my monitor. This customization allowed me to decorate my monitor with various LEGO blocks and minifigures.

Fast forward to today, I have a 24-inch monitor in mind for a LEGO makeover. My estimation is that it’ll require three 10-inch × 10-inch LEGO boards to adequately cover the frame. I plan to share updates as the project progresses.

In upcoming posts, I’ll delve into design concepts, provide a detailed guide on how to achieve this transformation, tackle potential challenges, offer safety advice, and share a list of useful resources.

Below are my only pictures of my original LEGO monitor from 2001 to 2004. Remember when we used flip-phones for our photography?

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