You know those online translator sites that translate stuff into other languages automatically? Of course things get lost in automatic translation, so here’s a fun game:

1) Take a phrase in English
2) Put it into an online translator like
3) Translate it into another language. Say… German.
4) Take the German translation and change it back into English.

Here’s an example:
Original English:
“There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.”

Into German, and back into English:
“There is like on a place returning that unchanged remains to find the entrances, that you changed to nothing.”

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19 years ago

“If we could but see it all, past the tangible things, if we could but touch the open space to see the horde of silent wings. And in the darkness hear a song, a song of ancient ages. And catch a glimpse of He who sat in the middle of the angels. Eyes have not seen, nor ears have heard.”
Put into German:
“Wenn wir aber sehen es aller, hinter den f hlbaren Sachen k nnten, wenn wir aber den, ge ffneten Raum zu ber hren, um das horde der leisen Fl gel zu sehen k nnten. Und in der Schw rzung h ren Sie einen Song, einen Song des alten Alters. Und verfangen Sie sich einen Glimpse von ihm, der mitten in den Engeln sa . Augen haben nicht gesehen noch haben Ohren geh rt.”
Back into English:
“If we see however it to all, behind which perceptible things could, if we could see however that, to opened area to affect, around horde/hurdle of the quiet wings. And in the density you hear a Song, a Song of the old age. And you get caught a Glimpse of it, which sat in the middle in the angels. Eyes seen still did not hear to have ears.”
That’s some freaky poetry! I bet Kevin Max would sure have a laugh! LOL!

17 years ago

I tried this one: English: “People are like slinkys. Not really good for anything. But still seem to bring a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of stairs.” German: “People are like inciting. Not really well for anything. But they seem yet, a smile on your face if you to place puch it a stairway down”

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