Tron deodorant aisles in Walgreens flagship store in Chicago

Tron's deodorant aisle in Walgreens

Deodorant aisles like Tron? Individual candy bag dispensers? Alcohol prediction machines? Yes, you have just stepped into the flagship store of Walgreens in Chicago. The energy was palatable. You could feel the excitement with everyone in the store. And the lines were not long at all since there were eight cashiers ready to check you out. Let’s take a look at what’s new, but also if anything was missing from the Walgreens we all know and love.

This Walgreens is brimming with shiny excitement.

  • They have Tron deodorant aisles!!! I felt like i was on The Grid. The aisles and products were all illuminate as this was the place Kevin Flynn, Quorra, Zuse, and Clu would pick up their Secret and Axe deodorant.
  • They had hair dryers hooked up so you can test them out. I tell ya, I had fun pushing all the on buttons for every hair dryer at once. That’s probably why they have them in the back corner of the store. Kids like me like to turn them on all at once.
  • There was some kiosk that helped you pick wine and beer. You could tell it what type of event you are going to and how many people were going to be there and what type of booz they like to drink, and it will figure out the math for you. Basically it could predict the your future of alcohol.
  • Their candy aisle has these special holders for the bags. Everything is SO tidy and organized. It’s SUCH a delight.
  • Escalators! I felt like i was in Target. Helvetica lettering. But they didn’t have shopping cart escalators.
  • Lots of Argo Tea products. I kinda felt like I was in an Argo Tea.

Ok, so that’s all the fancy stuff. But is this REALLY a Walgreens? What about the standards that makes Walgreens the Walgreens we know and love?

  • They had dark chocolate peanut M&M’s, so i got a bag.
  • My cashier did not have a nametag. Her name wasn’t on the receipt either.
  • I didn’t see a season aisle!!! A Walgreens without the seasonal aisle? I don’t know if it’s a walgreens! CORRECTION: I went back and they DO have a seasonal aisle. It’s kinda buried up on the second floor.
  • I didn’t see any Slim Jims. I didn’t really look for them though.

If anyone is going to the flagship Walgreens store, let me know. I will be happy to be your tour guide.

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