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Try typing random letters into Google Translate and see which language it detects

Google Translate for vzkvzvkzv

The Croatian language has a lot of the letters k, v, and z. Type of bunch of those letters into Google Translate like this:

vzkvzvkzv zk vzkvzkzv kzvkz vzk vz kv zvzvkvz kvzkzv kzvkzvzvzv kvzkzv

Google thinks that it’s Czech. Apparently the Czechs love their letters k, v, and z more than the Croatians!

In addition to the detected language, Google will suggest alternative phrases. If you type something random, you might actually be typing something real! Google said, “Did you mean: vzkaz vkzv zk vzkvzkzv kztkz vzk vz kv zvz vkvz kvzkzv kzvkzvzvzv kvzkzv”

Oh of course! THAT’S what I meant.

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