Two flipboard flips, separated by time, united by image

two flipboard flips coincidence in common image matter

My brother uses Flipboard to share links, so I’m going back onto this platform again. (My username on Flipboard is mattmaldre)

A user’s “flips” page is sorted chronologically. One of my most recent flips is from five days ago, and then the next one is from over a year ago ago. A little gap in time. Despite the gap, there is still a similarity between these two flips. Check out the sunset image!

Both of these are articles are about completely different topics. The recent flip points to an external article about a new library open source images. The other older flip points to my own blog post where I reflect on the pile of criticism heaped on me when one of my blog posts went viral.

I love how both of these flips feature sunrises. And they just happen to appear next to each other.

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