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Two Kickapoo State Parks in America

Kickapoo Cavern State Park

As if having one state park named Kickapoo in Texas wasn’t enough. There’s also a Kickapoo State Recreation Area in Illinois.

Kickapoo State Recreation Area

The folks in Oakwood, IL must have had some fun naming their road Kickapoo Park Road and the loading dock, Kickapoo Landing.

Wait, there are 12 places named Kickapoo in America:

— Kickapoo Township, Peoria County, Illinois

— Kickapoo, Indiana

— Kickapoo Township, Kansas, Leavenworth County, Kansas

— Kickapoo, Louisiana, DeSoto Parish, Louisiana

— Kickapoo State Recreation Area, Illinois

— Kickapoo Township, Kidder County, North Dakota

— Kickapoo Township, Mountrail County, North Dakota in Mountrail County, North Dakota

— Kickapoo Township, a township in Lincoln County, Oklahoma

— Kickapoo, Wisconsin, a town

— Kickapoo Center, Wisconsin, an unincorporated community

— Kickapoo, Illinois

— Kickapoo Downtown Airport

And just in case you wanted a Kickapoo tshirt, bracelet, or hat; the Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma sells them on

Kickapoo tshirts, bracelets, and hats for sale

Am I living in a parallel universe?


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