Two major mistakes AJ Pierzynski made in his Chicago Tribune ad for White Sox fans

How AJ Pierzynski goofed his Chicago Tribune ad

8-year former White Sox player A.J. Pierzynski is a class act to run a full-page ad for local fans in the Chicago Tribune at the end of 2012. I tip my hat to him. But I also give AJ two tips:

1) No true Chicagoan calls it “Chi-town.”

Only people who aren’t from Chicago call it “Chi-town.” Urbandictionary defines “Chi-town” as:

Slang / nickname for the city of Chicago, IL. No one uses this term except for tourists, and rappers who are trying to rhyme with other words. Using this term is one of the quickest ways to identify yourself as a non-resident of Chicago. “Hey guys, I’m visiting Chi-town next week, how’s the pizza?”

2) Periods go inside the quotes.

Dude runs a full-page ad in the Tribune and has nobody proof his ad. In GIANT BOLD text, the period is outside the quotation marks. 670 people commented on this ad on and only three people noticed the incorrect use of the period.

I’m just glad he didn’t include two spaces after all the periods.

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