Unlimited postal mail

Stack of postcards

Have you ever thought about sending a postal package to someone, and wished you could send it for free? The hassle of having to go to a post office, wait in line, and pay x-amount of money. Blerg. I want to just set the package outside my door, have it picked up, and sent.

I just want to put the package into one spot and have it be done. Kinda like how the internet works. You just drag a file into a box, and send it. Done. Whether it’s through an email attachment. Or via dropbox. You just send it off. All for free.

Imagine if mail was free. Would we mail more stuff?

And besides, the internet really isn’t free. Most people pay $20-$50/month to an Internet Service Provider like Comcast or AT&T.

What if before the internet came around, the Post Office had a monthly deal where you pay $5/month to send as much mail as you want. I bet people would have sent lots of mail.

Actually, what would happen if the Post Office made that deal today? As much mail for $5/month. People love getting mail. I would start a little exchange where I send random stuff to people. Fun printouts. Little sculptures.

During Christmas, I send about 120 Christmas cards, about $50 in stamps. If the Post Office charged me $60 for unlimited mail during the year… hmmm. Wow. I would probably double or triple my Christmas card list. Christmas cards for everyone!!!

What would you do with unlimited postal mail?

(image from Elena Ferrer of Jalón, Spain)

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7 years ago
Reply to  Matt Maldre

That would perfectly mirror capped “unlimited” internet access plans (Unlimited *up to 200gb).

What if it was like old landline phones? Pay a monthly fee and local shipments are free, but long-distance get an additional surcharge.

Or if it excluded packages. Or possibly different plans, like an unlimited postcard plan.

Tom Saaristo
7 years ago

I’d probably rejoin Postcrossing

Tom Saaristo
7 years ago
Reply to  Matt Maldre

Believe it or not, I was buying postcards for Postcrossing from artists over on etsy. Sometimes I’d buy vintage, but if I recall correctly I supported several artists by using postcards they made

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