Upper case numbers

When you are chatting and you want to really emphasize a year, but you only have plain text at your disposal. No bolding. No bigger words. How do you really punch up that year?

Let’s take a page of the programmers book, and wrap the year with a made-up element.

Made-up element method

Whoat‽ Big Pig already wrote a definition for 'yollo' in <allcaps>2005</allcaps>

That’s kinda fun. However, not a real life example of programming.

CSS method

Let’s get geeky, and do it in real inline CSS:

Whoat‽ Big Pig already wrote a definition for 'yollo' in <p style ="text-transform:capitalize;">2005</p>!

Hmmm, doesn’t have the same punch.

PHP method

Maybe PHP would be better:

echo 'Whoat‽ Big Pig already wrote a definition for '.strtoupper("2005")'.!';

“strtoupper” looks really strange. That’s PHP’s built-in function for displaying text as all upper case. Imagine saying something out loud, and you really want to make your point. Exclaim “strtoupper!!!” How would you pronounce that exactly? “Stirrrrr to Upperrrrr!” Say that really fast to make it one word. The rolling “rrrrr” at the end helps to make your point. Ok, now let’s take the PHP example again:

Whoat‽ Big Pig already wrote a definition for stirrrtoupperrrrrrrr 2015!

Hmmm, that might just work. Numbers now have a way to be expressed in all caps. It’s optional to you how many “rrrrr” to use in stirtoupperrrrrr.

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