Urban squid seen in Chicago

Caution tape loose flowing like a squid

My photo is featured on the homepage gapersblock.com today (archive in Rearview).

This caution tape was flapping around so fast, it was like a squid swimming in water. It really did! You ever see squids swim? Their legs flap around in a sort of synchronized motion. And that’s what this caution tape totally looked like. That makes this an urban squid swimming around at intersection of Division and Damen. What happened that windy Sunday afternoon?

Urban squid attacks chicago: 2

The urban squid tries to latch onto a bus. Get away bus! GO GO GO! Don’t let the urban squid grab a whole busload of people!

Urban squid attacks chicago: 3

A daring young lad walks right by the urban squid. Oh wait, he’s on his cellphone. This unaware young lad stupidly walks by a life-threatening squid!

Urban squid attacks chicago: 4

Urban squid hungry for sporty outfit with white highlights! (that or my sweet potato cinnamon roll that I was going to share with whomever answered my okcupid broadcast http://pic.twitter.com/SSPzukYj)

Urban squid attacks chicago: 5

This bold man in fur collared jacket approaches the squid to attack it and save the world. HELP US FUR-COLLARED-JACKET SUPERHERO!

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