Uri Shulevitz paints like Kandinsky

One of my favorite children’s books to read to my kids is “Snow” by Uri Shulevitz.

Photo of the book "Snow" by Uri Shulevitz

The architecture in this book is a jumble of buildings. Shulevitz’s delightful depiction of the architecture complements the playfulness of the storyline.

Whenever I read this book, it’s so much fun to observe all the details of the city and the people. Since I love reading this book with my daughter so much, I googled for more information about the author and artist, Uri Shulevitz.

Along the way, I found Shulevitz’s website, urishulevitz.com. On his site, he has a section for his paintings.

I am so overly delighted Uri Shulevitz makes paintings in the style one of my favorite artists, Wasily Kandinsky

Fairy Tale l by Uri Shulevitz
Fairy Tale l by Uri Shulevitz
Fairy Tale 2 by Uri Shulevitz
Fairy Tale 2 by Uri Shulevitz

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Kayla Krattiger
Kayla Krattiger
4 years ago

Im looking up Snow to add to me and 3.5 yr old Georgie’s collection of books.
Here’s a current favorite :

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