Video self-portraits by teens in the MCA’s Creative Agency.

Video self-portraits by teens in the MCA's Creative Agency.

The Museum of Contemporary Art is working with 17 teen artists to make self-portrait videos. Give them a look. They are interesting.

Alejandro: I’d like to hear more of Alejandro’s interviews with MCA visitors.

Alexis: Interesting piece asking strangers who she is. Seeing that she’s a photographer, I’d like to see people give her the answer by photographing her with her camera.

Anthony: It would be interesting to see Anthony give these sticky notes away to people as a way of giving himself to others.

Benjamin: He’s a wise man recognizing that we shouldn’t get stuck doing only what we do best, but what we love doing.

LaMar: I want to see him make jewelry for that tree.

About The Creative Agency

The Creative Agency (TCA at MCA) is a new program focused on art interpretation where 17 teenage Members and two Lead Artists meet weekly at MCA Chicago. TCA at MCA aims to help young people make sense of art, themselves, and their world through the lens of their own creative questions and passions, and with contemporary art as a resource.

Do you have any favorites from the 17 videos?

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12 years ago

I suppose it’s natural to have teenagers do self-portraits. I’d like to see the MCA encourage teen artists to indulge in something more challenging than study of the self. At least they’re getting the younger gen involved.

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