Bing says vintage apple crate labels are guerilla art

Bing has a very interesting interpretation for what “guerilla art” is.

Screenshot of image search on Bing: for guerilla art

Do an image search on Bing for “guerilla art” and you’ll get a listing dominated by vintage labels. Most of these results come from a blog post, “20 vintage apple crate labels from the Pacific North West“.

These vintage apple crate labels are quite beautiful. If you visit the post and scroll through the gallery, the wonderfully large images fill your browser with glorious hues of oranges, reds, and blues. Delight in the impressive hand-lettered typography.

What does vintage apple crate labels have to do with guerilla art?

Perhaps a renegade artist is pasting these labels around in urban areas as some form of commentary. A wish for a return to an earlier era? Or perhaps a commentary about how old America wasn’t really all that innocent; forcing orchard laborers to poverty, dehumanization, and deprivation of basic rights and equality.

These vintage labels are apparently not guerilla art. No social commentary.

At the very very bottom of this page is a link to the previous blog post on this site, “Pothole tile mosaics guerilla art“.

Yup, the top results on bing for Guerilla art isn’t even the page that features guerilla art.

It’s merely a blog post that LINKS to another blog post with guerilla art. Wow, it’s no wonder that Bing isn’t that popular of a search engine.

And what website has these two posts? Yup. “Puppies and flowers” is Bing’s top-ranking website for Guerilla Art. Although, I shouldn’t talk. My blog is 🙂

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