Voting with rubber gloves

Wearing rubber gloves using my own sharpie while voting

What better thing to do when a pandemic virus is spreading than to go to a public place to vote?

Despite COVID-19, I voted today! Everyone politely stood six feet apart in the line. With rubber gloves on my hands, I avoided touching anything inside my polling place.

While waiting in line, I thought about how I could pick up a sticker; and take a photo outside of me holding the sticker with my rubber gloves. That would be pretty cool. Capture the times!

But then the logistics struck. I’m wearing rubber gloves, so any germs I touch will go onto the gloves, not my hands. If I use the rubber gloves to take out my phone, then CONGRATULATIONS—the germs are now on my phone.

Thus, I passed on picking up a “I voted” sticker. Instead, I photographed myself holding my voting notes with rubber gloves while waiting in line.

And yes, I brought my own Sharpie to use while voting. Now, I only wish I brought my own stylus to sign my name on the registration tablet.

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