Walking on a cloud in Paris

Screenshot of Eiffel Tower webcam

Every morning I check the Eiffel Tower webcam to see how the sky looks. Sometimes I’ll tweet about the sky using @EiffelLive—maybe even photoshopping something fun with the Eiffel Tower. Today, a contrail streaked across the sky.

The horizontal line transformed the normal scene into an abstract composition, welcoming the viewer to draw onto the scene. I welcomed the invitation and thought it would be nice to add a tight-rope walker across the line.

What if there was such a stunt pulled where a tight-rope was attached to the Eiffel Tower? Granted, it would be near impossible, because there are no other structures around to fasten the other end of the rope. If someone would realistically attach a tight rope to the Eiffel Tower, it would be downward facing on an angle.

Any regards, this is a cloud in the sky that makes a fantastic scene of the imagination. The cloud definitely needs a tight rope walker. Searching online for tight rope walkers, I came across this 1914 painting in the public domain.

Wilhelm Simmler painting "Auf dem Hochseil" 1914

Thanks to wikimedia for the tight rope painting by Wilhelm Simmler. (Interesting that a German website is selling this painting for 500 EUR. Although, the painting is quite tiny at 4.33 x 4.33 inches.)

Clip out the background, and drop her onto the rope. Time becomes condensed as we now have a 1914 painting by an obscure German artist photoshopped onto a 2021 screenshot of the Eiffel Tower.

Tightrope walker photoshopped onto cloud by Eiffel Tower

Even though this is not to scale, it was still fun making a contrail by the Eiffel Tower into a tight rope. Here’s the image tweeted by @EiffelLive.

Someday I might photoshop another Wilhelm Simmler painting into the Eiffel Tower webcam. A woman sitting at the beach.

Woman at beach painting by Wilhelm Simmler

To get the latest updates of the Eiffel Tower, make sure to follow @EiffelLive on Twitter.

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2 years ago

Ohhhh, how I love this piece and the thinking behind it!

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