Warhol wall

Andy Warhol. The art world darling. The Art Institute of Chicago is putting on a big Warhol show. Members get a special preview during October 17-19, 2019.

Can’t get into the members preview of the Warhol show? Get a cool preview of the show OUTSIDE the museum. Just north of the Art Institute on Monroe Street is a long wall running beside the sidewalk.

The entire wall is covered by Andy Warhol prints. It’s rather glorious. High-contrast colorful graphics greet the busy everyday public.

The top of the wall is especially interesting, as leaves and cherries fall atop the prints. The elements of nature interact with the portraits.

Andy Warhol print with cherry and leaf in Chicago
Andy Warhol print with cherry and leaf in Chicago

Maybe I’ll draw some fun word bubbles on cardboard and place them on top of these images. (please note, I do not support any sort of destruction to public or private property. Hence I will not writ upon these prints. Instead I will leave small cardboard cutouts).

Kudos to the designer who created this wall. There was some good restraint here. Warhol has an amazingly large oeuvre of work. The designer could have populated the wall with lots of different Warhol prints. Instead, the wall is covered with just one style of prints. The high-contrast portrait on top of a solid color. That makes for one consistent wall with great impact.

Andy Warhol graphics on a wall in Chicago

Starting October 20, 2019, the show is open to the public. If you are going to see the Warhol show inside the museum, make sure to visit this part of the show outside the museum.

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