Wear your backpack with two shoulders, please

Columnist Kristyn Schiavone has a fun article about grown-up school bags. You should give it a read. She touches on some good issues:

— Admitting when you overstuff your bag with too many things

— If you buy a backpack go with leather as the material

— A satchel’s many benefits

— The wonders of nylon and how to make nylon look good

— Wearing your backpack with one strap on, not two–wait. What?

Why wearing your backpack with two shoulders is smart

I would debate on if a backpack on one shoulder looks more “sophisticated” than wearing it on both shoulders. Does it look more cool? Yes. But sophisticated is when someone is confident and smart in what they do. Wearing a backpack on both shoulders is the smarter option. People who do that earn my respect for looking less cool, thus they are sophisticated.

Wearing a backpack with both shoulders is like saying, “yeah, I have a backpack and I know how to use it.” Wearing it on one shoulder says, “I have this backpack, but I don’t like to admit I have a backpack, so I’m gonna kinda wear it on one shoulder.” A parallel would be a dress shirt. When you wear a dress shirt, you tuck in the shirt tails. That’s the function of a dress shirt. The tails are designed to be tucked in. If you don’t want to be all dressy you leave the tails untucked. But that defeats the point of the tails on a dress shirt. A backpack has two straps for a reason. They go over each of your two shoulders.

Do you wear your backpack on one shoulder or two?

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10 years ago

two shoulders all the way. It’s just so much easier and comfortable with two straps. It is considerably more comfortable. You ever see military personnel carrying gear with two straps? No way, it’s always two.

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