Wet window drawings

The rain soaked windows of the “That’s Our Bag” store in downtown Chicago left a great opportunity waiting for someone to draw something on the windows. I was talking on my cell phone with my girlfriend and drew some faces on the windows. I have to admit I felt like I was at a loss for something to draw.

Just a few days before making these drawings, I saw these dirty window drawings by Scott Wade. They were the inspiration for my wet window drawings.

A few tips on how to get away drawing on wet windows:

1) Look casual. This one piece of advice is the mother from all the rest flow. If you look casual, then people won’t bother you.

2) Don’t be nervous. If you start looking around like you are doing something wrong, then people will question you. All you are doing is drawing some faces in a wet window. No harm done here.

3) Talk on your cell phone. It will further the look that you are just merely doodling on the windows because you are talking on your cell phone.

4) Just use your finger. Don’t get all fancy and make people think you are ruining the windows by using some sort of device.

5) Take a photo. When you are done, take a photo of your work. And post a link to your photo in the comments here. 🙂

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14 years ago

i am a window shops dicorator i want your help

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