Every time I rip open a bag of Cuties, I feel like the Incredible Hulk

I love how the Cutie® nylon bags can rip open. Ripping open a Cutie nylon bag makes you feel good. Not just for the nutritional punch of an orange, but also the satisfaction of ripping open a bag with your bare hands.

Their bags are made of nylon, right? Or are the bags actually made of steel, and I’m just that powerful.

What are cutie orange bags made of?

The LA Times answers if the Cuties bags are recyclable, they also address their material (bolding mine):

Some fruits, especially citrus, often are packaged in stretchy mesh or woven plastic produce bags. Generally made from polyethylene plastics No. 1, 2 and 4 or polypropylene plastic No. 5, they aren’t labeled with recycling symbols, but they are recyclable in L.A.’s blue bin.

Netted produce bags that resemble fabric fishing nets, like the nylon bags used for a brand of citrus called Cuties, are not recyclable, because they can get tangled in the sorting equipment at recycling facilities. Netted produce bags made from nylon and other fabric-like synthetics are trash and should be placed in the black bin.

The difference between the two types of bags is often in the feel; netted bags have small knots in the intersecting lines of the netting.

Ah yes, the bags are nylon. I like to think they are nylon bars of steel! Raaaaawr *devours a tiny cute clementine orange*

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