What are the THREE things for which you are MOST thankful?

eHarmony has 13 interesting questions for their online profiles. They are interesting not only for these profiles, but for conversation questions in general for everyone. I’m making these questions into a series of blog posts on spudart.org where I’ll share my answer and ask people what their answer would be.

What are the three things for which you are most thankful?

Here’s my answer:

1. God’s grace given to everyone.

2. The inspiring personalities of the people in my life.

3. The ability for humans to perceive, create, and share.

I’m never a huge fan of questions that make you answer things like, “MOST.” That’s so definitive and… daunting. Are these the three things that I’m truly the most thankful for? I don’t really know, but they are up there. However, this is a very interesting question. I guess if you phrased it, “What are three things you are thankful for?”, then people would put stuff like, “oh i’m thankful for chocolate and coffee. The “MOST” part does make you think a bit.

What would your answers be?

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Tom Saaristo
14 years ago

After a conversation you and I had about “The Best” I have to agree with you: the “Most” or the “Best” … how can you qualify? You really can’t. Nobody or no thing is the “Best” or the “Most”. I’m thankful for friends, future friends, and … again … water.

Tom Saaristo
14 years ago

I guess it was kinda hidden in my comment Friends Future Friends Water … again

14 years ago

What are you most passionate about? I love to learn, read books, reading blogs, study, law. I love to help others, inspire others I love God and to Glorify Him Daily.

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