What could hold up such tremendous weight?

Wells Street Bridge Reconstruction

(Photo by ifmuth on flickr)

Balance an entire bridge on a river barge? As if that wasn’t enough weight, why not prop some railroad cars inbetween? Those railroad cars must have some sort of interior structure to hold all that weight. How do you think the bridge is not totally crushing them like an aluminum can?

My guess: gravitor repulsor generators

What’s your guess?

— Twenty George ‘Scrap Iron’ Gadaskis?

— An infinitely complex arrangement of lego bricks?

— Grade school toothpick structures?

— Solid gold-filled railroad cars?

(thanks to Leigh and Dave for giving me names for people who would be able to carry such weight. Other contenders included: Atlas, the Iron Shiek, Andre the Giant, Gorgeous George, and some guy with an unremovable claw grip)

(feel free to respond to the tweet or in the comments)

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