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What do cicadas taste like?

The Beachwood Reporter collected the following:

“Descriptions of the taste range from shrimp to canned asparagus to not much at all.”

– USA Today

“They taste like almonds.”

– RedEye

“They taste like raw potato.”

– Northwest Herald

“I found them woodsy and nutty at first, kind of crunchy. And there was a creamy peanut butter taste under them that was not unpleasant”

– ABC News

“Clam-flavored potato.”

– National Geographic

“Potato with some flavor in it.”

– RedEye

“At first it tasted nutty, with a finish like asparagus.”

– Chicago Suburban News

“They have an earthy, potato-like taste.

– Chicago Wilderness Magazine

“They taste like cold canned asparagus.”

– Inside the Mount, College of Mount St. Joseph

“They taste like avocado with a dash of clam juice.”

– Northwest Indiana Times

“They’re like a juicy almond.”

– Sun-Times

“It wasn’t bad, tasted a little like chicken,” said sixth-grader Sam Freedland. “Not KFC or Popeye’s though, more like the kind you get at Dominick’s.”

– Daily Herald

“They had a weird taste that I’ve never experienced before that I can only describe as disgusting,” said 13-year-old seventh-grader Laura Zimmermann. “I’m trying to get the taste out now with the rest of my peanut butter sandwich, and if that doesn’t work, maybe some chocolate.”

– Daily Herald

2 Responses to What do cicadas taste like?

  1. Tom Saaristo June 8, 2007 at 7:23 pm #

    Who cares? I’M not eatin’ ’em! Anyway, I do believe it was the Chicago Tribune story about how tasty the cicadas were for zoo animals that made the national headlines! Pretty sweet! Unlike cicadas … at leat according to the quotes above. ;o)

  2. -corona77 June 18, 2007 at 10:59 am #

    Cicadas taste like almonds or a peanut.

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