What do you think of your old artwork?

is this a bad piece of art?

Do famous artists feel weird looking back at some of their older artwork? Looking back at some of my college artworks, I realize how crappy they are. Even though I archive all my old work, there are pieces that don’t deserve to be archived.

When it comes to famous artists, it seems that everyone has a respect for the artist’s entire genre of work, but does the artist have the same respect for his/her old work? I’d say most artists are more critical of their older work.

Rhythm was a key theme for me in art school (mentioned in the last paragraph of my BFA honors thesis). I still love the concept to this day, however some of my artworks in this theme fall flat. “Rhythm of Creative Preservation” (shown above) has a nice concept of how are things preserved, how does rhythm play a role in preservation? But the execution is quite awful.

One of these days I’ll make a collection of my artworks on rhythm and do a larger analysis–of both the good and bad pieces.

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On the bright side
On the bright side
5 years ago

At least you were experimenting

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