What I learned this week from January 22, 2021

This week I learned about flag trivia, chocolate secrets, Jawas unveiled, and much more!

The 49-star flag existed only for 8 months in 1959

  • January 3, 1959: Alaska becomes 49th state
  • August 21, 1959: Hawaii becomes 50th state
Image from Reddit user u/mrrubixcube2 on r/vexillology

I should have totally known this, since I have all 50 statehood anniversaries in my calendar. But I never put it together that the 49-star flag would have existed for only eight months.

Future research: This makes me want to go back and figure out the time gaps between each state to see how long each American flag existed.

The Jedi who scared Palpatine the most? A librarian.

From screenrant, “The Weakest Jedi Scared Emperor Palpatine the Most“:

In Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith #7 by Charles Soule and Giuseppe Camuncoli, Emperor Palpatine admitted that the Jedi he most feared was not a skilled fighter or a Force prodigy, but a relatively weak Jedi. While this might seem strange, Darth Vader soon learned that true power was not measured by physical strength but knowledge and foresight—qualities possessed in abundance by Jedi Master Jocasta Nu.

Jedi Master Jocasta Nu is the Jedi librarian. A librarian! On Twitter, I am the personality of the Death Star Librarian, Atour Riten. Yup. The Death Star librarian is a real Star Wars character, appearing in the novel “Death Star”.

Thus, my Death Star librarian persona on Twitter had some fun with this news.

Future research: I always took for granted the Jedi librarian. In the movies, she simply serves to make the point that the planet is hidden where the clones were being made. But now that Palpatine fears her the most, I want to know more about her.

Crave chocolate often? You might be deficient in magnesium.

If are you low in magnesium, you might be craving chocolate, because chocolate is high in magnesium. To help with your chocolate cravings, eat other foods high with magnesium: nuts, seeds, beans, brown rice, dried fruits, and dark leafy greens.

Future research: I need to look up each of these types of foods to see specifically which is high in magnesium. For instance “nuts” are high in magnesium. Ok. Which nuts?

Future art project: Once I figure out specifically which foods have high magnesium, I’d like to make little cards to leave in the grocery store chocolate section. The cards would explain this situation, and which foods you can eat to help your chocolate craving.

Jawa actors without their hoods

From r/StarWars on Reddit

Americans spend $773.50 a month on their car

The average American owner is now spending about $9,282 per year on their vehicle, or $773.50 a month

  • The typical vehicle will lose $3,334 annually in value. ($277.83/month)
  • AAA found that every 12 months a loan is extended adds another $1,000 in overall finance charges.
  • Average fuel prices which rose 5% during the past year, to 11.6 cents per mile.
  • Maintenance and repair costs climbed 8.9% over the past year, to 8.94 cents per mile.
  • Americans paid 1.9% more for licenses, registration fees and taxes, average $753 a year.

I’d really like a simple list that shows what this $773.50 number is made up of.

A creative map summarizing Estonia

Estonia map: most people, most bears, most smoke saunas
From r/Eesti on reddit

Fenway Park’s left field once featured a 10-foot incline nicknamed “Duffy’s Cliff”

The left fielder also has to play with a skateboard
from r/baseball on reddit

This comment from u/SirParsifal: “The left fielder also has to play with a skateboard”

Poems of Gratitude

Thanku: Poems of Gratitude“, one book of intersecting areas of interest:

  • A wide range of poetic styles from 32 poems by a diverse array of writers
  • An educational book about poetic forms and literary devices
  • Invites you to a deeper understanding of gratitude
  • Fun and delightful
  • All poems illustrated

I put an interlibrary loan request for this book. I’m looking forward to diving into thankfulness and poetic styles. Thanks to the Library of University of Wisconsin Whitewater for blogging about this book.

Humans uncover secrets more than creating secrets

An interesting quote from Richard Coyne, Professor of Architectural Computing:

It’s more human to expose secrets than to create them. It’s cryptanalysis that drives the human condition, not hiding information. We are forensic beings. By our natures we seek out. We are detectives. 

A person who loves to learn, also love to uncover. Yes, that much is true.

But there are plenty of humans who do not want to learn. People who hate learning—are they people who uncover secrets?

Little Free Art Gallery

Little Free Art Gallery

Just like a Little Free Library, but with art.

What if perspective had his own flag?

The r/vexillology subreddit group has lots of fun mockups of fictional flags. Mostly they are alternate flags for countries. But this flag is for perspective itself.

The creator sonoale says:

So I was wondering about perspective and thought: perspective is so good, she deserve a flag. I wanted something a bit tricky but not so hard to read and so I gave birth to what you see. Can’t really talk about the process as it took me like 2 minutes from the idea to the result, it was a moment of light.

I like the fact that is an illusion, just as what it resemble. Cheers!

YuvalMozes comments:

More importantly, what if a flag had its own perspective?
We always ask how the flag looks.
We never ask how the flag feels…

Chuck Connors has a nice autograph

Tricking Chrome to show the print preview in browser, not print dialog

You know how in Chrome, when you print a webpage, Chrome will give a preview? What if you wanted to preview the webpage in your browser, not in a print dialog box?

If you ever wanted to trick your browser into showing how the print mode looks like, here’s how to do it.

The Great Sphinx of Giza has a tail

The Great Sphinx of Giza has a tail

And the Sphinx used to be under sand.

I suppose it makes sense that the Sphinx has a tail, because it has lion paws. And it makes sense that it used to be under sand, because desert.

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