What if all 23 cities in America named Paris had their own Eiffel Tower?

Paris, America: Visit all 23 American cities with the name Paris

There are at least 23 cities named Paris in America. I’d love to see the Eiffel Towers of each American Paris. If your town is named Paris, you HAVE to feature an Eiffel Tower. It’s a rule.

All the Paris towns in America could band together and make a “Route Eiffel.” You go from city to city to admire the variations of each Eiffel Tower (or as some towns call it, “E Tower” because they fear the French and their copyright laws). There could be passports printed with little areas for each town to certify your visit with a stamp.

Along with the passport, each town could sell a single puzzle piece. Visit all 24 towns, and you get to complete the puzzle! The entire route is 6,270 miles. It would take 102 hours to drive. This would be the new classic route to drive across America!

Here’s the full list of all the cities in America named after Paris:

  • Perris, California
    (The name is close enough)
  • Paris, Idaho
  • Paris, Texas
  • Paris, Arkansas
  • Paris, Missouri
  • Paris, Grant County, Wisconsin
  • Paris, Kenosha County, Wisconsin
    (I love that Wisconsin is so hungry to be like France, that they have two Paris towns)
  • Paris, Illinois
  • Paris, Tennessee
  • Paris, Kentucky
  • New Paris, Ohio
    (thanks to all the towns that use "New" in their name. Things might have gotten REALLY confusing if you named your town Paris!)
  • St. Paris, Ohio
    (I know I have the internet to look this up, but was Paris a saint?)
  • New Paris, Indiana
  • Paris, Michigan
  • Paris Township, Michigan
  • Paris, Ohio
  • Paris, Pennsylvania
  • New Paris, Pennsylvania
  • Paris, Virginia
  • Paris, New York
  • South Paris, Maine
  • Paris, Maine
  • West Paris, Maine
    (Maine gets the french fry. THREE Paris’)

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Annie Ware
6 years ago

When you’re driving through Paris, Maine ring me up. (I recommend Paris Hills) 🙂

Sarah Renee
6 years ago

Je t’aime Paris…be it Paris, France; Paris, Illinois; Paris, Maine; or Perris, California! 🙂 I think it would be fun to visit some of our state-side Paris’…It would be fun to see how they compare/contrast one another. This would be a fun book idea– Les villes s’appellent Paris!

1 year ago
Reply to  Sarah Renee

I live a few miles from New Paris, IN! Not much there but it is Indiana!

1 year ago

I live in Paris, Tn. We have an Eiffel Tower in my Paris. It is a near perfect scale of 1:20 of the original/

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