What is implied when you follow nobody on Instagram

What happens when you follow nobody on Instagram? What appears in your stream? Your stream can’t be completely empty, right? Maybe Instagram just shows you random “top” content from other people you don’t follow? Maybe it’s all ads?

There’s a website, foxvalleyartbeat.com, that covers not just Naperville area, but lots of the western burbs. As an artist, I’m excited to see people covering the area where I live.

Their instagram account, @artbeat_lynne, follows nobody. Zero following. LOL. That makes very clear their intentions on how they use Instagram.

  1. They will not look at anyone’s Instagram posts in their stream.
  2. They will not follow you back.
  3. They will post on Instagram, but that’s it.

In some ways, I suppose that’s a refreshingly honest approach. They aren’t playing any Instagram games.

Personally, I’d rather engage with other accounts on Instagram. But hey, every uses their time different. I imagine Art Beat Fox Valley is spending their time discovering new artists. And really, that’s cooler than following other people on Instagram. If you spend your time promoting other artists on your Instagram account, that is really really wonderful.

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