What is your blog’s story?

Jaime Tardy had something interesting to say about blog writing in her post, How My Blog Landed Me on Yahoo’s Homepage (Twice) in the First Year

Lesson #1: Believe your story is awesome, then tell it often

We all have a story. Before you ever get mentioned in other blogs or press, you need to believe your story rocks. You are telling your story for a reason on your blog. Is it awesome? Sometimes we are too close to our own story so it sounds easy or not good enough. What do others think about your story?

(If they don’t think it‚ at all interesting, then go out and create a more interesting story in your life!)

That made me think, what is my blog’s story? How can I frame my blog so that it makes an interesting story? I was on the train while reading this blog post on my iPhone, so I took out my paper notepad and started to write out ideas on the story of my blog.

  • What is my blog story?
  • Leaving thoughtful art on streets
  • Placing art in public places to make people think
  • How to live more creatively
  • Doing something creative every day
  • Observing the world in creative ways
  • Enabling others to see the world creatively
  • Getting people to think deeply
  • Inspiring people to reflect
  • Inspiring people to find purpose

That last one made me think. Purpose. What is your treasure?; Your time here is limited, where are you going?; and If you became ruler of the world, what three things would you do first?. Stuff like that. I was thinking about purpose and what a blog about purpose would look like. I don’t really blog about purpose. But it sounded like an interesting theme.

Then something interesting happened. On the top of all my notepad pages I have different bible verses. Often it’s amazing how a particular bible verse can speak to a specific situation that I’m writing about. Here I just filled a page about what my blog can be about, and the very last item was about purpose. And what’s the bible verse? “We know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to his purpose.” –Romans 8:28

Very interesting. I’m a big fan of God’s purposes being done through the normal everyday activities. I should blog more about that sometime. A great writer on God working through the everyday is Gene Veith. He’s got a great blog where he occasionally writes about vocation. Below is an image of my sketchbook page with the verse at the top and my notes on the bottom half.

What is your purpose?

One of these days I’m gonna set up a blog that is more focused and has a true story to tell. I really enjoy the flexibility that spudart.org gives me to blog about anything. But it would be really nice to have a blog that can give some consistent insight into a specific life adventure/viewpoint.

I already know that I should have a blog that talks about what it’s like to leave art in public places. I just need a name for it. I love the name spudart so much for many reasons. One of them is that spudart really fits my style of placing art on the ground for people to discover. But spudart has become so embranded with who I am. Spudart is more than a project. I need a name for this art-leaving project. I have leftinpublic.com, but that sounds weird.

What should I name my blog that will be about leaving art in public places?

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Tom Saaristo
12 years ago

Brainstorming: whatsyourtreasure artinpublicplaces artforthepeople artforthefinding yourart yourfreeart notlitter ispysomethingblue lookwhatifound lefttobefound leftforyou sharedart

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