What is your treasure? Gallery 1

Inside each plastic treasure chest is a hand-written message that says “What is your treasure?”

These plastic treasure chests are put out into the public for people to discover and ponder this message.

The type of person that would pick up a treasure chest has to invest some faith by investigating a tiny box discovered in public. By following up on their curiousity, they could be more likely to actually consider the message on the inside.

The message inside asks someone to think about what their treasure is. A valuable question that really points to what is important in life.

Upon removing the paper message from the treasure, the chest is empty. The viewer reads the message and symbollically fills up the chest with their own thoughts.

Perhaps they will keep the treasure chest as a momento, in essence making the chest itself a true treasure to be valued. Or maybe they will relocate the treasure chest somewhere else in public or give it to a friend. An action of giving is a true treasure to be admired.

The medium used here, the tiny plastic treasure chest, was originally created to hold a child’s tooth. The original home of the child’s tooth was a mouth, also a pocket (or compartment) much like the treasure chest. With the mouth we express ourselves, just as this treasure chest asks the viewer to do.

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Angie O'Neal
20 years ago

I’d be afraid to open it – I have very vivid memories of these little things containing teeth.

Angie O'Neal
20 years ago

I should mention, though, that I really like the thought behind it.

19 years ago

Thank You. Never thought I would find out that there was more then one, but as for my treasure…. I wake up with her every morning. (even when we fight)

18 years ago

neat, wish i’d thought of it.

dora coloring
15 years ago

Wow, pretty deep stuff there. They are kinda like little poops left around! lol. My be quite interesting to those picking them up!

15 years ago

the thing about the mouth is a huge stretch. it all seems a liitle too under thought.

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