What makes a great veggie burger

A vegetarian unknowingly eats an Angus burger because an order gets flipped at the table. Read Leigh Hanlon tell his humorous story, Amtrak made me love veggie burgers or you can even listen to him tell the story. It’s under five minutes.

I outline five criteria for veggie burgers in my reply to his post:

What a great flip in circumstances. I’m glad you realized you were eating the veggie burger. Too bad the woman didn’t realize that she was eating a meat burger. Assuming she’s vegetarian, maybe if knew she was eating meat, it might make her realize how truly delicious meat is. Instead she’s entranced in the fantasy world that it’s possible to make a veggie burger taste just like the real thing.

But of course, we can’t assume she’s a vegetarian; because as we learned, it’s not just vegetarians that order veggie burgers. Just as you are a fan of the veggie burger, I too, love veggie burgers. In fact, whenever I go out to eat, if there’s a veggie burger on the menu, I order it. There’s a great many variables in the veggie burger world that yield a wide range of veggie burgers.

1. Consistency:

Is it a just one mushy blend or does it have a chunky

2. Variety of ingredients:

If the previous criteria of homogenity was just one blend, you can’t really tell the variety of ingredients. But if it’s chunky, then having many different types of ingredients makes a great burger.

3. Loose or tight:

Does the burger fall apart as you eat it? Or is it well-packed together?

4. Taste:

This is mostly determined by the first three sets of criteria. Spices also come into play.

5. Toppings:

Are there different types of toppings apart from what you normally get on a hamburger?

I don’t really have any criteria for how much a veggie burger tastes like a hamburger. In fact, a veggie burger should be able to retain it’s own originality and personality. Let it’s veggieness shine. Let it’s range of possiblity come through.

The veggie burger has much potential. The best burgers are ones that have an entire garden in one burger. Not only in the patty, but also in the condiments included on the burger. Toss the old standard lettuce leaf and onions. One of my favorite toppings for a veggie burger is bacon. I get a great kick of irony ordering this combo at a restaurant. We put put vegetables on our meat patties. So why not put meat on our vegetable patties?

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