What should the puppy have in his circle?


Tell me what to put in the puppy’s circle, and I will draw it!

Here’s what people have suggested to me so far:

  • A bone (@personalgenius on twitter)
  • Kibble! (Tom Saaristo on flickr)
  • Scooby Snacks (Jamie McQuinn on facebook)
  • A cat should be in a basket in the circle with the dog watching over it lovingly. (via Brittany Westfall on facebook)
  • Pumpkin (Tammy Weston on facebook)
  • I want to add a neck, legs, and tail to the outside of the circle. (Erik Maldre on facebook)

Every day I pass by the puppy in Giddings Plaza, I will draw one of these items in his circle! Suggest more ideas and I will add it to the list for me to draw. Even if the puppy gets rained away, I will redraw the puppy with the circle and the next item. If enough items are added to this list, it will become a recurring piece of artwork in the Lincoln Square neighborhood for people to see change over time.

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12 years ago

When drawing my suggestion (neck, legs, and tail to the outside of the circle), please make them as simple as possible. Stick figure lines may be appropriate.

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