What would you put on the world’s largest coin?

One of my favorite email newsletter, META-SPIEL, mentioned the world’s largest coin. Australia made a gold coin that weights a ton. They put a nice little kangaroo on it.

Although it would have been really cool if the Aussies took something normally very small, like the western pygmy possum, and put that on the coin. Crop REALLY REALLY CLOSE on its face. Here’s a quick photoshop mockup.

Other fun ideas of small things to put on the coin:

  • A tiny flower, native to Australia
  • A seed
  • Sand. Not a beach. But just a kernel or two of sand. I haven’t googled to see what that looks like under a microscope. But it might looks kinda mysterious at 31 inches wide.
  • Something that lives on the Great Barrier Reef, like coral polyps.
  • An Australia meat pie (Google image search)
  • A poisoness spider

What would you put on the world’s largest coin?

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