Where to buy Transformers these days?

I love Astrotrain. Yet, I don’t have any of his figures anymore. They just cost too much. $50 and upwards. No thanks. If there was an Astrotrain for $20 or under, I’d be tempted to get it.

I wonder where is THE place to buy Transformer toys and find out what’s new with Transformer toys. 

  • Amazon.com ain’t it. Too many people overcharging for toys. 
  • eBay aint it. Too many people selling little parts from a single toy. (e.g. Astrotrain’s gun. Astrotrain’s wing. I don’t want just his gun. I want the figure). If you buy the figure used, then most likely it’s broken in some way.
  • Target might be close, but I feel like they don’t carry everything.

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