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Which Wikipedia account should I use?

Wikipedia: mattmaldre or spudart

I can’t remember which account I use with Wikipedia: mattmaldre or spudart.

  1. mattmaldre has made 2 edits.
  2. spudart has 9 edits.
  1. mattmaldre’s first edit is in 2011
  2. spudart’s first edit is 2008.

Spudart seems the winner with more edits and being the older, more established account. However, I like the “mattmaldre” name, because it’s my name. Spudart is more for this website. Making edits on wikipedia with a website name feels kinda weird. Almost like I’m trying to do some sort of underhand promotion—which I’m not.

I’ll probably go with the older account, Spudart. But I’m curious what you think.

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